Bottleless Water Coolers

Island Water Treatment is a licensed supplier of Vertex Water Coolers in the Outer Banks and Coastal North Carolina areas! From the executive model PureWaterCoolers™ to the PureChill™ PureWaterCoolers™, Island Water treatment, with products supplied by Vertex, is able to provide the perfect in-home or in-office water cooling solution.

We understand that no two situations are the same regarding the need for cold water. An office with 15 employees requires much more volume of cold water on a daily basis than a home of 4 does. This is why we offer all models of the bottleless water coolers that Vertex currently has on the market. We even offer solutions that come with ice makers!

PureChill™ PureWaterCoolers™

One of the most popular models of bottleless water coolers available today, the PureChill™ offers both hot and cold water for your countertop, a floor standing model as well as a deluxe floor standing model. The closed system in the PureChill ™ model eliminates the need for 5-gallon bottles of water to be delivered to your home on a monthly basis. Water is chilled immediately as it makes its way to the dispenser and it is also filtered on its way to your glass! These bottleless coolers are perfect for your home or office in the Coastal North Carolina area!

Executive Model PureWaterCoolers

These modern looking bottleless water coolers offer features for offices and upscale homes. The Executive Model series come as low and high capacity countertop models, floor standing, deluxe floor standing, and high capacity floor standing.  These executive model water coolers offer a continuous supply of cold, filtered and great tasting water at the faucet.  We even recommend you use the water from our bottleless coolers to fill your coffee pots and other appliances that otherwise would develop deposits on them.  Our water is filtered with reverse osmosis so those deposits and corrosion will become a thing of the past!  Whether you live in the Outer Banks or anywhere on Coastal North Carolina, Island Water Treatment has you covered for clean, refreshing and endless cold or hot water in your home or office!